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The global economy, today, compels organizations to operate under unparalleled competitive and regulatory environments. At the same time, many markets are now mature, with shrinking decision cycles and short time-to-market. In this scenario, organizational decisions need to be based on accurate and insightful data. Analytics, therefore, has become an integral part of the business plan of any organization, helping to assess the business environment accurately and predict future trends.

KSoft’s Analytics and Insights services help you take faster and smarter business decisions. We also help you analyse large volumes of business data, test various hypotheses against this data, and arrive at conclusions that help define effective business strategies. Further, we use innovative tools and technologies to deliver superior results. With proven experience in seamless transition and integrated approaches, we have implemented business-centric services for various Fortune 500 clients.

1.   Strategy Analytics

We help our clients identify where and how to compete and support them in the design and execution of their strategies. We combine our collective years of experience in operating businesses in multiple markets thus creating an effective market entry strategy with our deep analytical expertise in business. KSoft Analytics also helps create and deliver actionable solutions by assisting in the whole process of strategic decision making.

  1. Market Prioritization
  • Macroeconomic Environment Assessments
    •  Projected growth and stability of economy, Reliability of macro-economic data, Interest rates and projections, Demographics changes
  • Political, Legal and Business Environment Assessments
    •  Free trade policies, Incentives for FDI, Participation in trade blocs, WTO membership, Tax rates, Tax incentives, Preferred legal entities, requirements, and enforcement
    •  Size and skills of workforce, Wage pressures, Attrition rates, Labor laws
  • Prioritization
    •  Selection
    •  Attractiveness from economic and political viewpoints
    •  Market demand, Labor pool sizing
  1. Market Watch
  • Market Attractiveness
    •  Size, Growth and drivers, Barriers to entry and exit, Required investments / projected break-even period, Supply and demand dynamics, Existence of substitutes
  • Competition
    •  Market landscape and dynamics, Profitability of key players, Distribution and channel trends
  • Customer Experiences
    •  Customer needs, Buying power, Number, Awareness of products/services and brands, Geographic location, Access to goods, Consumption patterns
  • Operations •  Cost of inputs, Volatility of input costs, Technology capabilities, Availability and certification of potential manufacturing partners
  • Infrastructure
    •  Strength and reach of transportation, Telecommunications, Efficiency and reliability of distribution channels
  • Regulatory
    •  Regulatory environment - IP / Trademark protection, Conflict / Dispute resolution
  1. Business Models
  • Market Entry Strategies
    •  Business model options offering an innovation strategy
    •  Brand positioning and marketing strategy
    •  Distribution channels
    •  Sales strategy
    •  Pricing
    •  Sourcing and manufacturing
    •  Service delivery model
    •  Ecosystem development
    •  Financial and investment models
    •  Inorganic growth model components
    •  Government relationship management
  • Execution Models
    •  Performance tracking and loss monitoring
    •  Partnering strategy and objectives
    •  Partner identification with the right mix of characteristics
    •  Deal structuring and incentive design
    •  Integration planning and execution
    •  De-merger planning and execution

2.   Business Analytics

We help our clients identify and realize tangible process improvements, using data sources, both, internal and external to the firm. We help our clients unravel trends and patterns in the existing data, and predict future scenarios (predictive analytics) based on cutting edge data mining and advanced analytical capabilities. Business Analytics can change the 'way you work'. Customer Analytics can change the 'way you market'. Risk Analytics can change the 'way you plan' and Operations Analytics can 'transform your efficiency'.

We partner in the design and execution of outcome based strategies. We combine our collective years of experience in analytics with relevant industry knowledge, to create and deliver actionable strategies.

  1. Customer Analytics
  • Acquisition
    •  Increase marketing response and conversion
    •  Increase lead generation
  • Life Cycle Management
    •  Customer segmentation
    •  Cross-sell/Up-sell/Next best product
    •  Increase customer loyalty and lifetime profitability through upward value migration
    •  Understand product need and usage
    •  Increase customer's share of wallet through upward value migration
  • Customer Retention
    •  Churn prevention and drive win-back
  1. Marketing Analytics
  • Market Effectiveness
    •  Size and share estimation
    •  Competitive intelligence
    •  Brand analytics
  • Maximize ROI
    •  Optimize marketing mix
    •  Enhance promotion ROI and campaign effectiveness
    •  Understand price elasticity and demand drivers, differential pricing
  • Digital Marketing Effectiveness
    •  Social media analytics and impact on customer preferences
  1. Risk Analytics
  • Account Risk Management
    •  Risk based acquisition strategies
    •  Assessing behavioral risk
    •  Fraud detection
    •  Collections strategy
  • Portfolio Risk Management
    •  Performance tracking and loss monitoring
    •  Vintage analysis
    •  Portfolio optimization
    •  Model management and tracking
  • Capital Management
    •  Capital adequacy and compliance
    •  Basel II Framework and estimation of PD, LGD, EAD
  1. Operations Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
    •  Optimizing procurement spend
    •  Hedging commodity price
    •  Supplier risk analysis
  • HR Analytics
    •  Compensation analytics
    •  Hiring and retention
    •  Employee satisfaction
  • Customer Services Planning
    •  Capital planning and scheduling
    •  Channel optimization
    •  Optimizing service cost
    •  Service quality management
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
    •  Sales forecasting
    •  Optimal sizing and allocation

3.   Financial Research and Analytics

We help companies and investment intermediaries with advanced financial modeling and execution support. Our services are designed to allow our clients to realize tangible financial gains; be it through financial analytics or through operational efficiencies. We provide an end-to-end investment management centre of excellence; for financial intermediaries- covering setup of new funds, investment analytics, financial modeling, to portfolio management.

  1. Financial Analytics
  • Business Process Improvement
    •  Financial benchmarking and normalization
    •  Financial planning and analysis
  • Portfolio management through very Sophisticated Techniques and Proprietary Frameworks
    •  Capital markets
    •  Structured finance products
  1. Investment Analytics
  • Origination Support
    •  Target and acquirer analysis
    •  Market analysis
    •  Competitive analysis
  • Execution Support
    •  End-to-end financial case management
    •  Information memorandum
    •  Integration planning
    •  Due diligence management
  • Portfolio Management
    •  Fund analysis and design
    •  Comparative analysis
    •  Investee company performance enhancement
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