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Consulting Services

KSoft consulting services provide exhaustive insights to increase and improve process and performance across the client organization. KSoft helps create strategies that transform entreprises by aligning IT strategy and priorities to their business objectives. We deliver practical advice and fast-performing solutions by leveraging our industry insight and unrivalled technology expertise.

Our Consultants aim to create breakthrough business process performance through our strong architecture and design which ensures business alignment and reduce downstream development and deployment risks. Our business analysts, architects, usability experts and six sigma consultants analyze and (re)design business processes and the underlying applications, apply six sigma methodologies, and implement instrumentation for business monitoring/business intelligence.

Technology Consulting

Technology breakthroughs and dynamic markets are reshaping business requirements. entreprises need agile and innovative solutions to meet current and future challenges.

KSoft helps customers drive business growth and reduce operational costs, through meaningful IT consulting services.We collaborate with our customers to define, design and execute smarter IT strategies and processes. We do this by taking a holistic approach of the business technology environment, along with an objective assessment of customer goals

Services provided are:

Outsourcing Consulting

KSoft offshore consulting services is designed to help businesses decide on the appropriate model to rapidly set up and run offshore operations in India. Depending on the client's specific requirements, we offer end-to-end project execution and integrated services.

KSoft Offshore Services

The various services include:

Packaged Product Services

Entreprise Resource Planning

SAP ERP offers business solutions that help synchronization across end-to-end business processes and enhances transfer and visibility of information across the different business functions. From Financials and Controlling to Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & Services, it supports key business activities that transforms organizational functions into an integrated unit. KSoft partners with its customers across the world to build efficiency and increase the responsiveness of the organization by streamlining the business processes across functional areas of Finance, Procurement, Sales and Services, Production and Logistics management. Our ERP service delivery model includes implementation, upgrade and support services that enable your business to focus on strategic areas and have access to information for taking critical business decisions. We help you to achieve your vision of having an ‘ERP solution’ that fits your entreprise’s strategic objectives such as enhancing the time to market and balancing the working capital through optimal cash flows across the supply chain. Our experienced resource pool having knowledge across versions up to SAP ECC 6.0 provides services that include:

Services Values

The KSoft Systems Difference

Financial Services

KSoft's SAP Financials practice provides a wide range of service offerings in all the SAP Financials solution areas. It offers end-to-end financial management solutions for through SAP which are designed to meet the needs of the most complex and multinational organizations.


SAP Financials provides robust applications for entreprise wide financial management to offer the following services:

KSoft Systems SAP Innovation Center

The constantly evolving regulatory requirements and increasing need for greater efficiency in finance drives the need for a comprehensive financial management solution. To keep abreast of the latest and emerging technologies in the SAP financial and other domains, KSoft Systems SAP practice has a dedicated Innovation Center working in new and niche areas in and around SAP Financial services.It has a dedicated Technology Lab, Learning center, Delivery Project Center and Prototype Solution Center with experienced and dedicated resources consistently providing value additions for customers in the SAP financial services products.

Sap Innovation Center

Our Innovation Center has developed multiple proof of concepts, templates and solution accelerators to elevate user experience. We are continuously innovating and have planned a rich roadmap of offerings in the coming year.

Offering & Innovations

KSoft Systems SAP Financial Service Offerings

The various services offered by KSoft Systems SAP Financials innovation center include:

KSoft Systems SAP Finance Differentiators

KSoft Systems with its wide range of financial services experience has developed various tools and accelerators in SAP financials area which enhances user experience and enables quicker implementation based on industry best practices. SAP ERP offers business solutions that help synchronization across end-to-end business processes and enhances transfer and visibility of information across the different business functions. From Financials and Controlling to Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & Services, it supports key business activities that transforms organizational functions into an integrated unit.

SAP Finance Key Facts

KSoft, a Leader in Business Process Solutions for the BCM Industry offers solution frameworks in the SAP area such as:

Key Benefits of SAP Treasury & Risk Management

Human Capital Management

KSoft Systems has provided outsourced HR and payroll solutions in complex and highly heterogeneous environments providing clients with immense cost benefits and value addition.KSoft Systems also has capabilities to participate seamlessly into client's IT strategies as their integration partners, thus taking care of application implementation as well as production support and custom enhancement needs.

Excellence in HCM Implementation and AMS Services

KSoft Systems, with its operations spanning from Infrastructure Support, Applications, to BPO services, has the capability to become a true IT partner for any organization. In the Human Capital Management space, KSoft Systems has capabilities to device and implement an IT strategy based on the larger organizational goals.

KSoft Systems consultants have expertise in specialized areas within the SAP HCM such as country specific payroll, positive and negative time management, self-service applications on entreprise Portal, niche areas such as talent management, and employee interaction center. KSoft Systems always strives to provide maximum value addition to its clients and has the flexibility and capability to become a partner of choice.

The application services include development as well as maintenance and support services. With a strong footprint in financial services and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, communications, and consumer and retail industries, KSoft Systems continues to stand by its commitment and value to its clientele. The key differentiators of KSoft Systems include:

SAP HCM Service Offerings

KSoft Systems continuously strives to thoroughly understand the need and return on investment made in SAP HCM technologies for all businesses run by its customers. Enriched with over 300 person years of consulting experience and a diverse service portfolio, KSoft boasts of a matured and well developed SAP HCM capability irrespective of the kind of assignment i.e. consulting, new implementation, upgrade in existing SAP HCM environment, support, maintenance, migrations etc.,

The SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) tool for KSoft Systems means a key to provide multi-level HR solutions to its customers in all industries worldwide.

HR Services

The above service offerings are aligned to the objective of offering value addition to the client by providing:

SAP HCM Skill Offerings

KSoft Systems has skills across all modules in the SAP HCM space across geographies. With recruitment initiatives attracting the best talent in the industry and continuous training and development programs, KSoft makes sure that the best skills are available for delivering highest quality solutions to its customers.


Functional Areas / Business Processes Entreprise Portal

To automate and standardize all HR processes apart from empowering employees to take care of their data across all locations.



Workforce Management



Technical Areas / Custom DevelopmentsInformation Systems






Customer Relationship Management

Companies today seek to retain their best customers and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction. KSoft’s SAP CRM solution enables clients to capitalize on customer insight, improve front-line efficiency, streamline critical business processes across customer touch points, and quickly adapt to changing business and customer needs. Our SAP CRM Center of Excellence engages in today's challenging business environment while staying focused on your most valuable assets, your customers. We have performed multiple SAP CRM projects including consulting implementation, upgrade and deployment, and ongoing support to clients globally. Our business model encompasses several industry specific processes with functionality designed to meet the individual needs of diverse industry groups. KSoft is a sought after and trusted partner with proven global support centers, custom development centers and global 24/7 support across industry verticals. We have more than a decade of enriched CRM experience enabled by readily deployable subject matter experts and highly experienced functional consultants. We focus on process and domain expertise, supported by our ABAP development factory attuned to the BestShore® model. We can truly help you optimize your organizational and IT performance, and maximize your business and IT success.

While maintaining a robust CRM service delivery, we have scalable capabilities around system integration using BDOC, API, BAPI, ALE IDOCS and dedicated Middleware / process integration (exchange infrastructure). Delivery of new dimension functionalities including WAS and BSP client engine and value added marketing functionalities such as Loyalty, Brand & Case Management and Sales Force automation are some of the latest services in our portfolio.

The KSoft Difference

Our deep BIDW experience helps to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our consulting services transform business problems of clients into opportunities and solutions using best practices. Our clients have realized the promise of the KSoft advantage such as:

Rapid Deployment Solution Package

Faster implementation, quicker ROI and no budget over-run!! Looks like an ideal scenario and a perfect business case. Introducing,"SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions" fondly known as RDS, a new innovative way to enhance the value from your current SAP landscape or to augment functionalities in a scalable mode.

RDS packages are designed to be implemented in less than three months, have ROI of less than six months and a net fixed implementation cost. RDS solutions have been designed based on the SAP best practices derived over years of SAP implementation experience across different industries and regions. Some of the stronger SAP solutions like Treasury and Risk Management, Human Capital Management, Manufacturing Intelligence, Utilities etc. which had till now been highly under utilized by the customers, in spite of its high value, because of reasons like long implementation timelines, higher cost of implementation and greater skill requirement for implementing them, will now gain more prominence and value within the SAP value chain through RDS.

A pre-configured solution with a fixed scope coupled with implementation accelerators like pre-defined test cases, training contents etc. will enable RDS to be implemented in a short time with minimum risk for customers. RDS has a fixed scope so that customers know what they are getting up-front before even the project is kicked off.

The scope of RDS for various solutions is defined in such a way that, those processes which have a certain commonality and the most widely used processes across industries and regions are implemented in a Rapid way. This would enable the customers to go-live with the perfect base platform within three months for building further in modular fashion as required and at the same time be rest assured that their processes are the best in the world. KSoft Systems SAP Practice offers "SAP Qualified" RDS solutions in potentially high value areas like

KSoft’s SAP Practice has the right mix of talent, knowledge, and resources that enable them to implement these RDS packages in their own labs before they can test it on client waters. This unique ability empowers KSoft Systems to provide their customers with faster and more economical RDS deploys with minimum risk.

CPM SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM)

Provides solutions that address the core business process requirements of companies offering project-based services to their customers. SAP Commercial Project Management covers multiple processes in an end-to-end scenario spanning the activities that involve selling, planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling of projects.CPM has Add-on Commercial Project Dashboard (CPD) and Project Issue and Change Management (PICM). CPD is the project dashboard and will be one place to project management team to know all information about the project. Project progress, Work in progress, Cost, Revenue, etc. are some examples of information that can be available. Along with this project information, we can get information on commercial and procurement aspect details too. This information will make the life easy for project management team to handle about project successfully in terms of cost, time and resource.To track any change in project planned cost or any issue within project Add-on, PICM is used. PICM helps in creating the issue and activities within it. Activities are the task that’s needs to be performed to resolve the issue faced in project. Change request in PICM are used for tracking cost changes that would happen in course of project cycle.

SAP Trade Promotion Management

In today’s product-saturated and consumer-driven markets, manufacturers are recognizing consumer demands and are devising creative plans and strategies to manage trade promotions and spending.Promotional spending consumes the bulk of budgets, even though managers have limited visibility into how promotion-related activities affect profits. Trade managers struggle to gather historical and other data that could help them adjust strategies and plans. KSoft offers integrated trade promotion management and optimization solutions, on device, on premise and on cloud. The SAP® Trade Promotion Management (TPM) application handles client’s trade promotion operations more efficiently by providing increased visibility into all related processes. Integrated with back-end systems, the application provides accurate accounting of trade and financial results. This helps you gain insights to optimize trade activities and boost brand awareness and profits.

HANA Services

KSoft recognizes the technological quantum leap and opportunities presented by SAP HANA. Our SAP HANA team, plus the pre-built testing and demonstration environments available in our Innovation center enable our clients evaluate, implement and manage SAP HANA.Our SAP HANA certified KSoft Consultants provide the following solutions to our customers:

SAP Testing

Delivering predictable quality through independent testing

KSoft collaborates with customers to understand and exceed end-users' expectations. Our expertise in independent and cost effective automated testing services across industries has made us a preferred partner for leading global entreprises. We employ an ROI-based testing approach to deliver a defect-free solution, by efficiently and effectively predicting and managing risks.There is a constant need to automate and accelerate SAP testing effectively, to overcome certain unique challenges. These challenges arise because of certain factors, such as a continuous stream of patches and upgrades released by SAP, extensive customization and other compliance needs like SOX and HR, which necessitate testing and tracking. KSoft offers SAP test automation framework which addresses the pain areas of automation testing. It is bundled together with test assets which reduce set up time and cost and allows customers to achieve automation for a typical SAP business process within 3-4 weeks.

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