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Product Benefits for Healthcare Providers


vConncet+ aims to make the healthcare experience better—for everyone.

In an increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem, vConnect+ offers solutions that help healthcare providers save time, serve patients, and generate revenue. VConnect+ apps are designed for a variety of users and needs, including:



Product Benefits for Patients


Want access to your health information on-the-go anytime, anywhere?

Need tools to aid you take control of your health and communicate easily with your healthcare professional

vConnect Mobile Health Apps allows you to securely manage your health plans, benefits, records, providers, prescriptions, and research for medication


Implementation and Method


vConnect understands your business priorities, reviews your existing environment, solutions, performs gap analysis,

and develops a comprehensive strategy to exploit advanced and up-to-date healthcare innovations as a new channel to boost your revenue and accomplish your business goals as well as help you renovate your business by embracing the full power of our exclusive healthcare offerings


Mobility Healthcare Services


Mobile technologies and the depth of applications are rapidly evolving,

so it is important to know exactly how devices are used in the place of work and to find the threats associated