Product Benefits for Patients


Want access to your health information on-the-go anytime, anywhere? Need tools to aid you take control of your health and communicate easily with your healthcare professional?

vConnect Mobile Health Apps allows you to securely manage your health plans, benefits, records, providers, prescriptions, and research for medication. vConnect apps are designed for a variety of users and needs, including:


Patient Education: The app allows patients to receive an endless amount of health information right in their pockets. Patients can easily gain the knowledge about their symptoms, causes, tips, guidelines, etc. anywhere and anytime.


Find/Share a Coupon: Allows finding and sharing all the prevailing healthcare coupons, discounts. One can also spread health by gifting health coupons to family and friends.


Book an Appointment: The app allows patient’s schedule an appointment remotely and instantly at their convenient time avoiding pre-visit to hospital for booking an appointment.


Report an Accident: Allows you to report an accident, take pictures with the mobile device and send, capture geolocation of the accident, and receive push notifications with the updates.


Health Reminders: The App enables you to receive alerts and reminder notifications about your medication refills, schedule of which medications to take when, a schedule of which task/exercise/ activity to be performed by the patient, doctor visits, vaccination reminders, and many others.


Online Payment: Allows patients to simply pay the medical bills online, which can save a lot of time and money. vConnect completely guarantees the security and privacy of your payment information.


Request and Trace Ambulance: Once needy requests for an ambulance, the app communicates with the ambulance in the nearby location and makes the ambulance available to a needy patient in the least possible time. One can also trace the ambulance and guide the shorter path.


Video Consultation: The app enables face-to-face video consultation with your desired doctors or with crowd sourced doctors, enabling you to get answers about your healthcare concerns without having to visit the hospital.


Health Vault: Visiting physicians for regular treatments can produce a lot of paperwork for patients to save securely. vConnect Health Vault aims to help patients avoid the clutter by offering a platform with which they can store, organize, and access all pertinent notes, documents, bills, pharmacy prescriptions, and appointment dates related to their care. The app can be used to manage self or a family member data.


Access Online Healthcare Reports: Patients can access/download medical reports (lab reports, radiology reports, PACS, images, prescriptions, discharge summary, bills and others) regardless of where they are located.