Product Benefits for Healthcare Providers


vConncet+ aims to make the healthcare experience better—for everyone.

In an increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem, vConnect+ offers solutions that help healthcare providers save time, serve patients, and generate revenue. VConnect+ apps are designed for a variety of users and needs, including:


Patient Education: The app allows patients to receive an endless amount of health information right in their pockets. Providers can share healthcare information, case studies, etc. to patients.


Find/Share a Coupon: Allows patients to receive information related to on-going healthcare coupons, discounts, and packages. Healthcare providers can also spread health by gifting health coupons to patients, family and friends.


Video Consultation: The app enables face-to-face video consultation with needy patients, enabling them to get answers about their healthcare concerns without having to visit the hospital.


Health Reminders: The App enables you to remind your patient about their medicine refills, doctor visits, vaccination schedule, and many others.


Refer Patient/ Get Reference: Physicians contacted through the app have the ability to refer to specialists or receive references.


My Patients and Records: Designed to make patient list and their respective health information timelines easily accessible to healthcare professionals.


Book a Surgery: The app allows healthcare providers to book, schedule, and postpone their surgeries. All the booked and scheduled surgeries will be notified prior as a reminder.


Patient CRM and Targeted Marketing: The apps acts as a home to all of the information a provider has collected about patients, their interactions across all the channels. The app is more than just an analytics hub, it enables providers to run strategic patient engagement campaigns straight from their mobile. Basically, it acts as both the analytic and the action.


Online Payment: Allows providers to receive online payments rather than sending patients to the billing department. The app is not only handy for large hospitals, it can be used in emergency rooms, nursing homes, home clinics, and small practices as well - anywhere a healthcare professional would work with a patient.


Receive Ambulance Request: Once needy requests for an ambulance, the app trace the GPS location and inform the ambulance service provider nearby the location spot.


Report an Accident: Allows providers to receive accident notifications and medical assistance requests. They can receive instant pictures of the accident, and can track geolocation of the accident from their mobile device.


Register Online for Hospital/Provider: All the hospitals and providers can register in the app. Once registered, your complete information will be available to all the registered patients. Patients who wish to communicate, and book appointment can contact you easily.


My Appointments: The app allows providers to know all their scheduled appointments for the particular day/week/month. This allows providers to manage their appointments, have a quick look, and plan the timeframe accordingly.


My Patients’ Records: Allows healthcare providers to access/download their patients’ medical reports (lab reports, radiology reports, PACS, images, prescriptions, discharge summary, and others) regardless of where they are located.