Mobility Healthcare Services

Mobility Layer on Existing HIS/EMR

Mobile technologies and the depth of applications are rapidly evolving, so it is important to know exactly how devices are used in the place of work and to find the threats associated. If you are planning for a mobility layer on your existing HIS/EMR, vConnect mobility’s expert consultants can assist you assess, plan, implement and manage a secure MDM system and aid you efficiently leverage your devices for optimum mobility.

Our experienced mobility consultants will review your mobile technology objectives and conduct a workflow analysis to define where your organization currently lies. We will clearly understand how you want the devices to be used, evaluate your existing HIS/EMR, wireless network and then implement the best mobility layer strategy.

Social Network on Healthcare Ecosystem

vConnect offers end-to-end suite of social networking on healthcare ecosystem. We manage and build content, graphic, audio and video rich social channels that include, Chats on social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and others), YouTube videos, virtual tours, website navigations, ask a query, contact us, directions and navigations, hospital service and infrastructure, listing, doctor directories, and many more.

We ensure that you seamlessly engage with customers across all social channels, create value for customers, optimize and automate social assets, receive intelligence, measure, manage and deliver a 360 degree sight of social business objectives and value.

Mobility Security Services

Provider-to-patient communication has been and will continue to be the foundation of the clinician-patient relationship. Yet, the rise of mobility in healthcare has driven healthcare organizations to reconsider the way that they interact and provide care. While the readiness of online health information and patient portals makes it promising for patients to take more accountability for their own health, there are major concerns that edge the security of electronic messaging. HIPAA regulations require health organizations to safeguard any and all electronically transmitted information by using a form of secure communication to decrease risk and protect their IT system from security breaches.

vConnect Mobility’s secured communication services help healthcare systems rise efficiencies and revenues by improving communications, with and across their medical staff and patients. Our expertise mobility consultants are a combination of experience in healthcare-based medical practice, experience guiding hospital systems and physicians, and deep skills in carrying out secure network communications.

MIS & Analytics on Existing HIS

vConnect has innovated a strategical comprehensive analytics driven framework to help health plans deliver a differentiated experience to their existing and prospective HIS. The componentized solution that is available on the cloud will comfort a plan to rapidly scale up to address the demand on your IT technology and infrastructure while offering the flexibility to pick the modules that can complement your existing HIS.

The principal components of the framework are MIC that enables comprehensive reporting on various customizable parameters and analytics that groups data across multiple sources, to originate valuable patient insights that allow real-time decision making across all levels of the organization.

Mobility Infrastructure Services

Today’s healthcare ecosystem needs mobility and always-on connectivity to compete, and, as such, healthcare providers should have on-demand access to their network, email and web. The healthcare industry has networking requirements where a wireless solution can provide significant productivity and cost-savings advantages.

vConnect industry expertise and experience as a leader in the practices of infrastructure services make us ideally suitable to become the partner of prime for enterprise-wide deployments of mobility and wireless products. Infrastructure services from vConnect include location survey and design, technology implementation, security & privacy, administration and support.

MBaaS Integration & Rollout

vConnect’s MBaas integration and rollout strategy is a reusable back-end integration which enhances productivity and drives effectual reuse of complex backend connections.

We offer cloud-based suite of the mobile backend modules which includes information storage, geolocation for the delivery of target site based services, analytics for insight into the customized and application use, access control, push notices for notifying mobile users, social media integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, user management that upholds user profiles and settings and many others.

Enterprise Mobility Rollout

One vendor-simplicity — entire mobile strategy designed in a single app or a mobile website

  • Improvised patient care
    Our enterprise healthcare mobility solution aid clinicians, doctors, and medical equipment manufacturers, upgrade to the advanced and effective solution thus increasing the performance. By bridging the gap between society and technology, vConnect enterprise healthcare mobility solutions strive to increase patient engagement and boost the overall patient experience.
  • Solutions offered as a package
    We offer a suite of solutions that include ERP, on-demand analytics, cloud interface, digital marketing services, and many others as per your requirement
  • Expertise mobility team
    We own 100+ expertise and experienced mobility team (Android, iOS, middleware/ infrastructure/ database developers, UI/UX specialists) who successfully built over 400 screen ERP product for leading healthcare group
  • Solution readiness
    Our application offers ready Integration with health devices, remote monitoring and uninterrupted integration with legacy applications. Moreover, we can customize the graphical representation of real-time limitations
  • Innovative Solutions
    Our futuristic solutions include biometric sensors, wearables, pedometers, genomic sequencers, and many others